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VOLUME 10 ~ NUMBER 3 - 2001


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  • Kemerly, T., et al. “Injuries sustained in martial arts practice”
  • Mok, O. “Dianxue: A genre-specific form of attack in martial arts fiction”
  • Pegg, R. “Chinese sword and brush masters of the Tang Dynasty (618-906)”
  • Goedecke, C. “Isshin Kempo: Isshin-ryu’s missing link to the internal”
  • Yu, R. “American boxing and Chinese xingyi: A comparison”
  • Seidman, Y. “An introduction to seizing techniques in Chen style taijiquan”
  • Toth, R. “An analysis of parallel techniques: The kinetic connection between Sanseru and Shishochin”
  • Finch, D. “Repercussions from the Douillet v.s. Shinohara’s final judo bout at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney”

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