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VOLUME 10 ~ NUMBER 2 - 2001


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  • Svinth, J. “Karate pioneer Yabu Kentsu, 1866-1937”
  • Czarnecka, M. “The saga of the modern martial arts student-instructor relationship in north American schools”
  • Jensen, M. “An interview with Kwong Wing Lam on iron palm training”
  • Ralston, P. “Moving beyond purely physical fighting techniques”
  • Taylor, K. “Ukemiwaza: The art of attacking in aikido”
  • Maliszewski, M. “Don Wilson: Kickboxing champion & film star shares his perspectives”
  • Berwick, S. “Taiji’s Chen village: Under the influence of Chen Xiaoxing”
  • Berwick, S. “Chen Xiaowang on learning, practicing and teaching Chen taiji”

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