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Authors:  Dornemann / Rumpf
Taekwondo Kids – From Green Belt to Blue Belt is the second illustrated book in the Taekwondo instruction series.
Over 100 colored manga-style drawings are included to set the scene. The techniques, exercises and tips for the grading program from Green Belt to Blue Belt (or for the red sash) have been written to match the children's ages. Besides the basic techniques for advanced pupils the forms of Poomsae 2 to 4 are covered as well as techniques for prearranged fights (Hanbon Gyorugi).
On top of this there is a breakdown of the exercises required for the advanced grading tests and there are themes for self-defense and free sparring as well as an introduction to competitions.
There is an Appendix with a comprehensive glossary of the foreign words, diagrams and further tips. The techniques and grading program are in accordance with the rules of the WTF.

Volker Dornemann, born in 1968 in Dortmund Germany, is one of Wolfgang Rumpf's pupils in the Ilyodo Club Bochum for Taekwondo as well as Batto Jutsu and Wu Shu. He works as a freelance illustrator and layout expert for an agency specialized in marketing for the area of children and youth interests. He is also a cartoonist for magazines.
Wolfgang Rumpf, born 1955, is holder of the 7th Dan Taekwondo (WTF) and teaches Korean Martial Arts at the Ilyodo/Body-workshop Club in Bochum Germany. In the Ilyodo club one does not only find groups of grown ups from beginner to Dan grade, but also several children and youth groups.

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