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Orthodox Goju Ryu Karate-Do


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Book Orthodox Goju Ryu Karate-Do, Takahashi MIYAGI, son of the founder, english, 220 pages, 15 x 23 cm, Special limited Collector's Edition (1000 copies worldwide), certificate of authenticity, lamiated dust jacket, gold foil embossing, over 500 photos and over 75 drawings. History of Karate Do - What is Karate Do - Behaviour and Attitude for beginners - All the basic techniques of Goju Ryu - Warm Up Exercises specific for Goju Ryu - Body Building and training with equipment including makiwara - Kata including Sanchin, Tensho, Sai Fa, Sei In Chin, Shi Sho Chin, Geki Sai Itch and Ni plus loads more about the kata - 3 Types of Kumite plus combinations. ***  3 Books left available, please note that these books are not in an outer box ***

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