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  • Mass Market Paperback: 123 pages
  • Publisher: Peabody Pub Co (Jun 1986)
  • Language English

Product Code: K087

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4

A Karate Uechi ryu kumite premier

In my best knowledge, this book is the only one dedicated to analyze the Uechi ryu fighting strategy, is a basic one but neverless have interesting tips and techniques. The explanation of the creation and evolution the mawashi geri is very interesting and its proposal of use a mikazuki geri variant as mawashi geri substitute until develop more flexibility enable to beginners and over 40 karateka to use horizontal attacks in kumite in addition to linear attacks. There are around other books on free fighting karate more up to date, but this a classic and share several principles that are as valid today as were when the book was published, the value of this book are the many tips, tricks and traps hard learned by the author, "his tricks of the trade" Rabesa sensei, is a disciple of George Mattson and such his Uechi ryu version is not the same as other authors as Dollar and Rymaruk, or as currently practiced in Okinawa, however is a very honest personal way to tackle the fighting from of Uechi ryu perspective. IMHO is a good book and a must for all interested in Uechi ryu and Okinawan karate in general

Leonardo Cordero Jenkins :: 23/10/17

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