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HIDDEN KARATE True Bunkai of Heian and Naihanchi


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HIDDEN KARATE True Bunkai of Heian and Naihanchi, Gennosuke Higaki, English, hardcover. Size: 18 x 25,5 cm. 238 pages: It has passed for 100 years since Karate was first introduced to public. Soon Karate was opened abroad, and "Karate" became the common word in the world. Today, it is said that 40 million people are training in the world. While Karate is known, karate of bunkai (explanations for use) is sometimes used incorrectly. People who have trained Karate might have doubted about the usage of a kata. The reason is that Karate was introduced to us without true substance of Karate. This problem has been inherent in karate since its introduction to the main land to the present. The key to resolve the problem is hidden in the notion," Even if one teaches the katas, they should not teach the hidden techniques." The traditional kata of usage was ruled by a certain agreement not to teach anyone about the hidden techniques. Consequently, Karate spread to Japan and abroad, while it had been imperfect. In this book, I resolved the usage of kata by the oral instruction that was inherited from Master Gichin Funakoshi to Master Kubo Shozan. Also, I opened "oral instruction of the kata of bunkai" and "Bunkai (expressions for use) from Heian Shodan to Godan and Naihanchi (Tekki) Shodan. This book serves as a best seller in Japan. I assure myself that this book is helpful to all people who train karate.

Gennosuke Higaki,


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