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GOJURYU/Karate Do Kyohan by Gogen Yamaguchi


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Born in Kagoshima Prefecture in 1910, Gogen Yamaguchi went on to become world famous as 'The Cat.' A determined man, best known for his long black hair, who practiced his katas in the snow and under waterfalls, Gogen Yamaguchi made his mark in the martial arts world. This book is filled with over 1200 line drawings carefully explained in detail by the author. Beginning with the basics of Goju Ryu, moving on to two-man sparring and self defense for women, these 300 plus pages thoroughly express the author's passion and love for his chosen style. Initially written as a textbook for his students to help them understand their style, the text still holds up today as an ideal guidance book for the student of Goju Ryu.


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